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21 03, 2020

Day 4 of Bingo – Goats

Totes m'goats! What is it about goats that we all love? Is it their soft fur? Their earnest bleats? The way they side-eye you in that reverse cross-eyed fashion before bounding off to do something funny? Yes. All of the above. Goats are like the cats of the farm animals. They're just goofy loveable creatures, and up in Sister Bay especially, there are plenty of opportunities to love on goats. The Door County Creamery is a cafe in Sister Bay where you can get goat cheese, soap, and gelato, plus other delicious sandwiches and souvenirs. You can also sign up [...]

20 03, 2020

Day 3 of Bingo – Door County Train Diorama

This year we're celebrating 20 years of displaying an amazing diorama of Door County landmarks in our lobby! The looped N gauge train display shows several familiar features of the area, all in miniature, carefully crafted by local brothers Bill and Bob Appel. (Click on each image to zoom in for a closer look.) In the photos here you can see two of our most famous tall buildings, Eagle Tower at Peninsula State Park and Cana Island Lighthouse. From the article posted next to the display, it sounds like the guys had a blast designing the tiny landscapes. [...]

19 03, 2020

Day 2 of Bingo – Frogs

Sergei found a toad. "I feel like a Disney princess!" Frogs! It's not a complete day out in nature if you're not chasing a frog or a turtle or a grasshopper, and up here, we have plenty of frogs and toads. Wisconsin is home to 12 species of frogs, and up here in Door County you can find most of them. Learn what each of these and other common amphibians look like, so you can identify them when you're up in the summer. Aren't they all so cute! After heavy summer storms, you'll often see these little guys [...]

18 03, 2020

Day 1 of Rowleys Bay Bingo – All About Shipwrecks

Grape Shot shipwreck Did you know Door County is home to over 275 known shipwrecks? Some of them are in such shallow water you can see them from the surface. The Door County Maritime Museum has an interactive display on shipwrecks and lots of great resources for shipwreck enthusiasts. The shipwreck shown to the left is from the schooner Grape Shot that was driven aground off the coast of Plum Island in November 1867. The current wreckage can easily be seen from a boat, and the wreckage shown is only about 8 feet underwater. Learn how you can explore [...]

17 03, 2020

Join us (online) for a game of Rowleys Bay Bingo

Did you get BINGO? Scroll down for submission details. Then get another card and play again! Stuck at home? Need something to do? Still loonnngggging for the days you can bust out of the house and visit us in gorgeous northern Door County? While those plans may be slightly postponed, there's no reason you can't still get your Door County fix. We are here to serve. Starting tomorrow, join us each day online for a rousing game of Rowleys Bay Bingo! Get your card here: Rowleys Bay Bingo cards Simply click "generate card" to have a unique bingo card generated. [...]

12 03, 2020

COVID-19 Info

Published 3/12/20, updated 10/12/21 1217 Timely news: Door County, WI COVID-19 Situation Updates Destination Door County Travel Updates Thank you for being a part of keeping this area safe for the future of tourism! Rowleys Bay Resort is accepting guests! Please use our online reservation system to book or call the desk at 920-854-2385. We know that each business is operating in a slightly different way and figuring it all out can be confusing and weird. Rowleys Bay Resort celebrated 50 years in 2020! As a family owned business that has evolved through the decades, we know that keeping our [...]

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