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25 06, 2020

Clean hands and ready for Phase 2 Reopening!

A LOUD shout-out to FLS Banners and Hatch Distilling Co for all their work in helping us, and scores of other Door County businesses, access COVID-19 related safety supplies. We're so excited to have these sturdy and refillable hand sanitizer stations available for guests as we begin our own version of phase 2 reopening. They look so great! We know we're all still getting used to the masks, distance, barriers, and new social habits. We're dedicated to your health and safety and these are one more way we're showing how Rowleys Bay Resort and Door County care! For more information [...]

20 06, 2020

Smallmouth Bass Opens June 20th, 2020

The news release from the Wisconsin DNR reads: With waters warming up, smallmouth bass season will open beginning on June 20 for the northern management zone. While smallmouth bass season is currently open in southern Wisconsin, anglers will now have the opportunity to harvest them from these additional waters: Wisconsin-Michigan Boundary Waters; Northern management zone; Tributaries to Lake Michigan – north of Hwy 29 in Door and Kewaunee counties; and Lake Superior – including Kakagon River and Slough. Smallmouth bass harvest season varies by location. Anglers should consult the 2020-2021 Hook and Line Fishing Regulations for daily bag and size limits and [...]

18 06, 2020

Visit TheAtlantic’s Top WI Photos in Door County recently posted thirty-five amazing photos of The Badger State as part of their series "Fifty," and of incredible images, three are right here in Door County, and one in particular is just up the (curvy) road. The "curvy" road at Northport Many people are familiar with what we call the "curvy" or "windy" road up at Northport. This incredible feature was purposely designed to add the road into nature's existing boundaries, rather than a straight plow through. Many professional and amateur photographers have created incredible impressions of this space throughout all seasons and conditions. This road is just a [...]

16 06, 2020

Land Trusts of Door County recently featured Wisconsin Land Trust Days on their site, and you just can't talk about Land Trusts in Wisconsin without putting a spotlight on at least one of the many in Door County. As you can see, Land Trusts are important for the preservation of the three Ws: water, wildlife, and the Wisconsin way of life. When you visit Door County, you can visit several maintained by the Door County Land Trust, including one of our favorites, the Three Springs Nature Preserve, a short drive from Rowleys Bay Resort. The Door County Land Trust preserves are excellent, safe places [...]

15 06, 2020

Door County State Park Quiz

How much do you know about State Parks in Door County?⠀ ⠀ Do you know:⠀ How many there are?⠀ Where they are? ⠀ How to get there? ⠀ ⠀ Learn this and MORE at the Door County Pulse State Parks quiz.⠀ ⠀ Did you know: Newport State Park is across the bay from Rowleys Bay Resort? Find out why you definitely want to visit at night!⠀ ⠀ PS - It's super close!

13 06, 2020

DNR Explore Outdoors Recreation Finder

Put down those devices. You've had enough of that this spring. It's time to get outside! But what to do? Where to go? Wouldn't it be awesome if you had a one-stop place to find ALL the trails and natural areas to explore outdoors? The DNR has a site for (most of) that! The DNR Explore Outdoor Recreation chart shows you what, where, and how far away it is from you. Simply use the form fields at left to select Door County and filter for the activities of your choice. Research in advance what facilities and resources are available at [...]

12 06, 2020

Third Night Free in the Lodge in June 2020!

In June 2020, stay two nights at Rowleys Bay Resort in the lodge, get the third night free! Do you have cabin fever? Do you want to get out and enjoy nature, the water, the fresh air, and gorgeous scenery? Or do you just want to chill in your room? (But like, a different room than the one you've been chilling in for the past three months?) Are you cool with following all our local community standards regarding wearing masks, using sanitizer, directional signage, and social distancing? Do you want to stay somewhere committed to your health and safety? We [...]

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