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28 03, 2020

Day 11 of Bingo – Cardamom


Cardamom Coffee Cake from Grandma's Swedish Bakery What is cardamom? If you're unfamiliar with cooking and baking spices, you may never have heard of it, but it's around more than you probably realize. If you've ever enjoyed a chai tea latte, you've had cardamom. Cardamom is a spice used often in Indian cooking and in baking in Scandinavian countries. It's used much the same way cinnamon is used, as you can see in the braided Cardamom Coffee Cake shown above, with sugar and generously sprinkled. It's "dry" in the same way powdered cinnamon is dry, and a lot goes a [...]

Day 11 of Bingo – Cardamom2020-03-28T13:06:49+00:00
27 03, 2020

Day 10 of Bingo – Lighthouses


Lighthouses! There are so. Many. Lighthouses. There are MORE lighthouses in Door County than I've visited and we could talk about them all for months. You know the popular one - Cana Island. And you know about the picturesque one on the canal in Sturgeon Bay. But you may not know about a few others, that you can only get to by boat. Last year I (Kimberly) was able to visit four during the Door County Lighthouse Festival. Click on any of these to see a larger image:                Front and rear range lights on Plum Island; rear range light [...]

Day 10 of Bingo – Lighthouses2020-03-27T20:39:50+00:00
26 03, 2020

Day 9 of Bingo – Fireplace


Rowleys Bay Resort has been repurposing since before it was Pinterest-cool, and the fireplace in our lobby is no exception. The stone for the fireplace came from the foundation of the old barn on site. The flue came from a ship called the SS Mercury, the first vessel ever to be constructed to be used on the Great Lakes as a tanker. And we have it in our lobby. As a flue. How cool is that anyway?? A big old ship scuttle hatch. It's pretty neat. If you have ever been to our resort you'll notice the rest of the [...]

Day 9 of Bingo – Fireplace2020-03-26T16:33:59+00:00
25 03, 2020

Day 8 of Bingo – Bald Eagles


Bald Eagle on ZZ When I (Kimberly) was little, I remember Bald Eagle sightings being a big deal. Anytime my dad spotted one on a road trip, he was sure to point it out. Talk about eagle eyes...most of the time I couldn't even find it. When I moved back to Door County in 2016, I started seeing them everywhere. The one shown here nearly kamikazed into the side of my truck after flying off a road kill raccoon as I passed by. The state and county have taken note of this comeback too. The DNR hosted a contest [...]

Day 8 of Bingo – Bald Eagles2020-03-25T14:43:37+00:00
24 03, 2020

Day 7 of Bingo – Milky Way


Speaking of how cameras can't do beautiful sunrises justice, this isn't just a photo of a black piece of paper. Or a dark room. I didn't forget to remove my lens cap. This is a photo taken of the clear night sky in the middle of July, and what you're not seeing, is the Milky Way. Many guests to the area are absolutely astounded that you can see more than the basic constellations without a telescope on a clear night, much less the mesmerizing shimmer of our galaxy. Those who hail from large metro areas especially have never seen the [...]

Day 7 of Bingo – Milky Way2020-03-24T14:35:22+00:00
23 03, 2020

Day 6 of Bingo – Sunrises


Sunrise over Gills Rock Door County is known for it's amazing sunsets. What you might not realize, because in the summer they come so early, is that you can also see quite amazing sunrises. Photos of an icy sunrise over Rowleys Bay, February 23, 2020. Click to see larger photos: The photos never do justice. By July 1st, the sun is already several degrees in the sky by 05:50 am, so you have to be quite an early riser to catch one, but whether you're watching from the pub patio, your balcony, or the fishing dock, they're [...]

Day 6 of Bingo – Sunrises2020-03-23T13:55:11+00:00
22 03, 2020

Day 5 of Bingo – Crocuses


There's not much to write about crocuses, other than we dearly love their emergence each spring. Best say it with pictures: Today's BINGO phrase is CROCUS(ES). If you have that on your bingo card, write 3/22 over the top of it to mark it off. Need a card? Get your card and the rules here. Getting close to a BINGO? If you get BINGO on your card you can send in a photo for a chance to win fun prizes! Submission details coming soon. Follow us on our blog, Facebook, and Instagram. Find these pins on Pinterest.

Day 5 of Bingo – Crocuses2020-03-21T18:56:06+00:00
21 03, 2020

Day 4 of Bingo – Goats


Totes m'goats! What is it about goats that we all love? Is it their soft fur? Their earnest bleats? The way they side-eye you in that reverse cross-eyed fashion before bounding off to do something funny? Yes. All of the above. Goats are like the cats of the farm animals. They're just goofy loveable creatures, and up in Sister Bay especially, there are plenty of opportunities to love on goats. The Door County Creamery is a cafe in Sister Bay where you can get goat cheese, soap, and gelato, plus other delicious sandwiches and souvenirs. You can also sign up [...]

Day 4 of Bingo – Goats2020-03-21T18:55:43+00:00
20 03, 2020

Day 3 of Bingo – Door County Train Diorama


This year we're celebrating 20 years of displaying an amazing diorama of Door County landmarks in our lobby! The looped N gauge train display shows several familiar features of the area, all in miniature, carefully crafted by local brothers Bill and Bob Appel. (Click on each image to zoom in for a closer look.) In the photos here you can see two of our most famous tall buildings, Eagle Tower at Peninsula State Park and Cana Island Lighthouse. From the article posted next to the display, it sounds like the guys had a blast designing the tiny landscapes. [...]

Day 3 of Bingo – Door County Train Diorama2020-03-20T00:20:03+00:00
19 03, 2020

Day 2 of Bingo – Frogs


Sergei found a toad. "I feel like a Disney princess!" Frogs! It's not a complete day out in nature if you're not chasing a frog or a turtle or a grasshopper, and up here, we have plenty of frogs and toads. Wisconsin is home to 12 species of frogs, and up here in Door County you can find most of them. Learn what each of these and other common amphibians look like, so you can identify them when you're up in the summer. Aren't they all so cute! After heavy summer storms, you'll often see these little guys [...]

Day 2 of Bingo – Frogs2020-03-18T22:08:39+00:00