Stuck at home? Need something to do? Still loonnngggging for the days you can bust out of the house and visit us in gorgeous northern Door County? While those plans may be slightly postponed, there’s no reason you can’t still get your Door County fix. We are here to serve.

Starting tomorrow, join us each day online for a rousing game of Rowleys Bay Bingo!

Get your card here: Rowleys Bay Bingo cards

Simply click “generate card” to have a unique bingo card generated. This card is yours. Print it or email yourself the link to protect it! Make sure to print enough for all the kids and neighbors.

Each day, Kimberly will post a story or photos about something having to do with Rowleys Bay and Door County. At the end of each article will be your BINGO word of the day. If that word is on your card, simply mark over it with the date that the article posted.

Make one for everyone in the family. Send it to all your friends. Have your own little competition amongst yourselves.

If you get BINGO on a card, you can email a picture to us. (More instructions to be posted in the future.) You’ll then be placed in a drawing for some great prizes to be determined. The more confirmed winning entries we receive, the more cool prizes Kimberly will add to the pile.

(Play fair, legit entries only. Don’t make us post lawyerish rules about it. This is in the name of fun.)

How long will the game go on? We’re not sure, but we have at least 30 days of content, so there’s PLENTY of time to win.

Ready, get set, share this with your friends! Get updates on our blog, on our Facebook page, and on our Instagram.

PS – our notes on the CoVID-19 situation, updated daily

Ready to play?
Day one – 3/18
Day two – 3/19
Day three – 3/20
Day four – 3/21
Day five – 3/22
Day six – 3/23
Day seven – 3/24
Day eight – 3/25
Day nine – 3/26
Day ten – 3/27
Day eleven – 3/28
Day twelve – 3/29
Day thirteen – 3/30
Day fourteen – 3/31