Grape Shot shipwreck

Grape Shot shipwreck

Did you know Door County is home to over 275 known shipwrecks? Some of them are in such shallow water you can see them from the surface. The Door County Maritime Museum has an interactive display on shipwrecks and lots of great resources for shipwreck enthusiasts.

The shipwreck shown to the left is from the schooner Grape Shot that was driven aground off the coast of Plum Island in November 1867. The current wreckage can easily be seen from a boat, and the wreckage shown is only about 8 feet underwater.

Learn how you can explore the shipwrecks of Door County.

Map of shipwrecks

Map of shipwrecks around Door County. Click to see a larger version that you can zoom in on and explore. See the map in person at Rowleys Bay Resort this summer.

Trivia: If you’re familiar with Door County, you probably know the name of the passage between Gills Rock and Washington Island is called Death’s Door. What you might not know is it’s not actually related to all the shipwrecks, although they definitely reinforce the idea. The name actually came about after a brutal battle between the Ho-Chunk and Pottawatomi tribes, when the Ho-Chunk attempted to take Washington Island from the Pottawatomi.

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