Sergei found a toad. “I feel like a Disney princess!”

Frogs! It’s not a complete day out in nature if you’re not chasing a frog or a turtle or a grasshopper, and up here, we have plenty of frogs and toads.

Wisconsin is home to 12 species of frogs, and up here in Door County you can find most of them.

Learn what each of these and other common amphibians look like, so you can identify them when you’re up in the summer. Aren’t they all so cute!

After heavy summer storms, you’ll often see these little guys en masse crossing the roads, and you can usually always find a few hanging around the shore out in front of the resort.

Many people are familiar with the term “spring peepers.” But what does that actually sound like? Click here to listen, but FIRST…maybe turn down your volume. These little guys can get CrAzY loud!

Frogs are important to the ecology of Wisconsin because they act as bioindicators, that is they are one of the first species to show symptoms when there’s a problem with the water quality.

They are also vital to the health of our water systems. As tadpoles they eat algae, and as adults they eat the kinds of bugs we find to be a nuisance, such as mosquitos and flies. Ick.

PS – shuttle the little ones out of the room before hitting play on this funny video:

Today’s BINGO word is FROGS. If you have that on your bingo card, write 3/19 over the top of it to mark it off.

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Same frog. Same.