This year we’re celebrating 20 years of displaying an amazing diorama of Door County landmarks in our lobby! The looped N gauge train display shows several familiar features of the area, all in miniature, carefully crafted by local brothers Bill and Bob Appel.

(Click on each image to zoom in for a closer look.)

In the photos here you can see two of our most famous tall buildings, Eagle Tower at Peninsula State Park and Cana Island Lighthouse. From the article posted next to the display, it sounds like the guys had a blast designing the tiny landscapes. Looking at all the creative materials makes me want to give it a try.

This winter we were able to replace the engine (yay!) and after a few tweaks we’ll be able to get the train up and running again *fingers crossed!!* Until then, the display is a must see for generations of vacationers returning to the resort.

What’s with the building called Wagon Trail Resort? When the Peterson family bought the resort property in 1970 they changed the name. Ten years ago they changed it back to Rowleys Bay Resort, but some of the trademark resort logos and symbols around the resort remain.

Today’s BINGO phrase is TRAIN DISPLAY. If you have that on your bingo card, write 3/20 over the top of it to mark it off.

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See you for more fun Door County facts and another lucky BINGO word tomorrow!