Ouch. Goats nibble!Totes m’goats! What is it about goats that we all love? Is it their soft fur? Their earnest bleats? The way they side-eye you in that reverse cross-eyed fashion before bounding off to do something funny? Yes. All of the above.

Goats are like the cats of the farm animals. They’re just goofy loveable creatures, and up in Sister Bay especially, there are plenty of opportunities to love on goats.

The Door County Creamery is a cafe in Sister Bay where you can get goat cheese, soap, and gelato, plus other delicious sandwiches and souvenirs. You can also sign up for farm tours and try your hand at goat yoga. In the summer, find adorable baby goats in their mini corral out next to the shop.

And what could be more iconically Sister Bay than Al Johnson’s rooftop goats? Here you can watch them in the summer, from wherever you are, on the goat cam. Early summer there’s a parade to celebrate the official “roofing of the goats,” and when the goats aren’t keeping up on their tasks, you may even catch a glimpse of someone mowing the roof. I bet that’s not a phrase you ever thought you’d read.

Mowing the lawn at Al Johnson's

At THE Farm down in Sturgeon Bay, you can do all things baby goats, including feed them, hold them, pet them, chase them…The Farm is just the all around best anyway.

Today’s BINGO phrase is GOATS. If you have that on your bingo card, write 3/21 over the top of it to mark it off.

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Album drip

Kimberly and Goat prepare to drop their next album