Bald Eagle on ZZ

Bald Eagle on ZZ

When I (Kimberly) was little, I remember Bald Eagle sightings being a big deal. Anytime my dad spotted one on a road trip, he was sure to point it out. Talk about eagle eyes…most of the time I couldn’t even find it.

When I moved back to Door County in 2016, I started seeing them everywhere. The one shown here nearly kamikazed into the side of my truck after flying off a road kill raccoon as I passed by.

The state and county have taken note of this comeback too. The DNR hosted a contest in 2015 for photographers, and the Peninsula Pulse has a guide to the recent boost in Bald Eagle birdwatching and ecology.

Learn more here about the history of Bald Eagles and our efforts to save them, and get a fun eagle fact sheet here.

Hanging out on the computer today? Have some fun with this fun mini-playlist featuring the keyword “eagle.”

And check out this slideshow of photos on the DNR website – much better quality than my faraway shot.

Today’s BINGO phrase is BALD EAGLES. If you have that on your bingo card, write 3/25 over the top of it to mark it off.

Need a card? Get your card and the rules here.

Getting close to a BINGO? If you get BINGO on your card you can send in a photo for a chance to win fun prizes! Submission details coming soon.

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