fireplaceRowleys Bay Resort has been repurposing since before it was Pinterest-cool, and the fireplace in our lobby is no exception.

The stone for the fireplace came from the foundation of the old barn on site. The flue came from a ship called the SS Mercury, the first vessel ever to be constructed to be used on the Great Lakes as a tanker.

And we have it in our lobby. As a flue. How cool is that anyway?? A big old ship scuttle hatch. It’s pretty neat.

If you have ever been to our resort you’ll notice the rest of the entryway, lobby, and exposed framing in Grandma’s Swedish Bakery is also repurposed barn wood. This wood is now over 140 years old; at that time each one was hand-hewn. Can you imagine working with these massive trees and beams?

old barn

We get that not everyone is into the repurposed charm. We’re clear that our resort is purposely vintage. Yes, those orange lamps in the Oh So Suite are brand new. But that’s unapologetically who we are and will continue to be!

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