Lighthouses! There are so. Many. Lighthouses. There are MORE lighthouses in Door County than I’ve visited and we could talk about them all for months.

You know the popular one – Cana Island.

And you know about the picturesque one on the canal in Sturgeon Bay.

But you may not know about a few others, that you can only get to by boat. Last year I (Kimberly) was able to visit four during the Door County Lighthouse Festival.

Click on any of these to see a larger image:

Front range lights on Plum Island          Rear range lights on Plum Island     Lighthouse on Plum Island
Front and rear range lights on Plum Island; rear range light and house. Learn more at Door County Maritime Museum; Wikipedia

Plum IslandPlum Island. (Yup, it’s something else!) Door County Maritime Museum, Wikipedia

Visit The Friends of Plum and Pilot Island website to find out why these two islands and sites are so important, and the extensive work that is being done to preserve them.
Friends of Plum and Pilot Islands


Chambers Island Lighthouse and its Fresnel lens. Door County Maritime Museum; Wikipedia

Rock Island Lighthouse and Rock Island Boathouse, which you’re probably more familiar with!
Friends of Rock Island State Park

These gems all have fascinating histories that are stories for other days. The buildings and land around them are all important sites that various organizations are working hard to preserve.

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