Cardamom Coffee Cake from Grandma’s Swedish Bakery

What is cardamom? If you’re unfamiliar with cooking and baking spices, you may never have heard of it, but it’s around more than you probably realize. If you’ve ever enjoyed a chai tea latte, you’ve had cardamom.

Cardamom is a spice used often in Indian cooking and in baking in Scandinavian countries. It’s used much the same way cinnamon is used, as you can see in the braided Cardamom Coffee Cake shown above, with sugar and generously sprinkled. It’s “dry” in the same way powdered cinnamon is dry, and a lot goes a long way.

Not only can you get it as the fresh coffee cake, we also make it into our famous Skorpa by slicing it thin, sprinkling it with more cardamom and sugar, and toasting it to dunking perfection.

Bonus! If you’d like to try it for yourself, you can get the Grandma’s Swedish Bakery Cardamom Coffee Cake recipe here, courtesy of Courtney and

And if you want to try other delicious recipes, snag a copy of Grandma’s Home Kitchen, by Grandma Alice’s daughter Wanda Peterson Mango. We have signed copies available!

Grandma's Home Kitchen book.

To purchase the book and/or cardamom Skorpa, send an email to frontdesk @ and we’ll contact you for details to have it shipped. $12.95/book and $7.75/Skorpa plus actual S&H to your door.

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