Oh pecan roll…how I do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

Ok, scratch that. We’ll be here all day.

When I (Kimberly) moved back to Door County and started working at Rowleys Bay Resort, I wondered to myself, “Who on Earth can eat half a pound of pecan roll?!”

But then I quickly learned that I have absolutely no problem putting down half a pound (or more) of pecan roll.

From our famous “pecan roll wedding!” A beautiful bride and groom used these as their wedding cake.
Photos used with permission, copyright © Tandem Photography

Speaking of scratch, that’s what these hefty delights are made from: scratch. Not a single mix; each ingredient is measured, weighed, and added in its most pure form.

What’s the secret ingredient?

Baker rolling dough with a heart shape.

Love, of course.

Oh, and:

Watch more of us at 17:30

To purchase frozen six-packs of fully baked, heat and eat 1/2lb pecan or cinnamon rolls, send an email to frontdesk @ rowleysbayresort.com We’ll contact you for details to have it shipped. Think of Easter! If you must have Easter away from your friends and family, you may as well make it super delicious.

Pecan Rolls – B5G1 $25.75
Cinnamon Rolls – B5G1 $24.75

Today’s BINGO phrase is PECAN ROLL. If you have that on your bingo card, write 3/29 over the top of it to mark it off (or X if you’re following along with a digital card).

Need a card? Get your card and the rules here.

Getting close to a BINGO? If you get BINGO on your card you can send in a photo for a chance to win fun prizes! Submission details coming soon.

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