Giant Checkers

Giant checkers! Yes, along with the train display it’s the top most oohed and aahed and “I played these when I was little” attraction in our lobby!

You probably knew there were chess competitions and Rubik’s Cube competitions. Did you know there are checkers competitions?

In many parts of the world the game is called Draughts, so the World Draughts Federation is in charge of their rules and contests. Not to be confused with draughts, another of our favorite things to ooh and ahh about.

The biggest argument in checkers stems from simple rules relating to forced jumps and how to handle the sides of the board. Thankfully, our favorite crowd-sourced expert on the topic (aka Wikipedia) outlines the rules plain and simple.

Get your own kid-friendly rules here:

Want to make your own awesome checkers board? Pinterest has you covered.

And if you’re itching to have an epic checkers showdown, we have the four-person double elimination bracket just for you. Introducing: Spring 2020 Rowleys Bay Checkers Epic

Download our fabulous bracket. Or make a new one.

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Today’s BINGO phrase is CHECKERS. If you have that on your bingo card, write 3/30 over the top of it to mark it off (or X if you’re following along with a digital card).

Need a card? Get your card and the rules here.

Getting close to a BINGO? If you get BINGO on your card you can send in a photo for a chance to win fun prizes! Submission details coming soon.

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