Rowleys Bay is on what’s known as the “quiet side” of the northern Door County peninsula. What do we mean by quiet?

Well…it’s quiet.

Communities and businesses built up along the Green Bay side on Highway 42 have turned the western shorefront into a remarkable hotspot (spots? hot strip?) of visual and performing arts, amazing food and drinks, shopping galore, and lots of other unique things to see.

Here on the eastern front, we have our remarkable landmarks too, they’re just a bit more subdued.

The way the Niagra Escarpment carved out the lakes and land left the east side with a lot more rocky shoreline, and that’s exactly why we’re able to offer you such gems as Cave Point, and a bunch of other little hidden nooks along the lake.


John McGivern from Around the Corner on Milwaukee PBS even visited us on his tour of Door County’s Quiet Side.


If you’re not familiar with the Lake Michigan side, give us a try! We’re going to be just what you need to relax after a stressful few months with your family. *wink wink*

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