One day in the summer of 2017, I (Kimberly) was walking through the parking lot of the resort when I thought I saw something tiny scurry under a car. I took a peek, and found this little guy.

It was the teeniest tiniest little snapping turtle that I ever did see!

Can I keep him, mom?

He was not amused.

Tiny turtle

Instead of letting him cross the frying-pan hot parking lot, I took him back to the water.

Tiny turtle back where he belongs

We don’t often see turtles right around the resort, but there’s an area between The Wagon Trail Campground and the resort that is swampy and prime turtle crossing.

Turtle Xing

Occasionally, one gets squished.

🙁 Sad face.

Not only should you drive slow to avoid squishing the turtles, the road is heavily used in that area by walkers, runners, bikers, and small children.

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