The Mink River Estuary is a short river that feeds into Lake Michigan just north of Rowleys Bay and southwest of Newport State Park. Even living up here, though we hear a lot about it, it wasn’t until I (Kimberly) did research for this blog post, that I realized how special and important it really is.

Mink River Estuary in top left

An aerial of the resort and Rowleys Bay, with the Mink River Estuary visible in the top left. Used with permission, courtesy of and many thanks to Mark Dexter.

The Door County Adventure Center, stationed right in front of the resort, does kayak tours of the estuary twice daily in the summer.

We’re also excited to host Rutabega’s annual Door County Sea Kayak Symposium so close to this perfect spot.

Group kayaking.

Learn more about the Mink River on:
Department of Natural Resources
The Nature Conservancy
Hiking Project

In 2009, Frommers mentioned the Mink River Estuary as one of 500 Places to See Before It Disappears. (The Peninsula Pulse wrote an article here, and you can find the 2011 Frommers book here and 2008 here. Email me please if you know if one or both of these contains the original content, admin @ Thanks!)

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