While most ferry companies are perfunctory, the service that connects the Door County Peninsula to Washington Island is more than just that. The Washington Island Ferry Line is a dedicated community service that runs every single day of the year (unless weather says no).

Washington Island Ferry Line

Logo borrowed from Washington Island Ferry Line website.

They ferry tourists, of course, but they also keep the residents, businesses, schools, clinics, and other resources on the island going. You’ll hear their jolly jingle on the radio, and see their maps and schedules in all the card racks. They’ve made their necessary service a delight to use.

On their website you’ll of course learn how to get to the “big” island, Washington Island, but you’ll also learn how to use the Karfi to get to Rock Island, where no cars are allowed, and tour Washington Island on the Cherry Train.

Want to see how it all works? There’s a web cam where you can take a peek at how traffic loads at each port, preview the weather, and see how busy it is.

The ferry is just a hop, skip, jump, and 16 minute car ride from the resort, making us the perfect place to stay to bookend your day of island adventures.

What can you do on Washington Island? Is it worth the trip? Only you can make that decision, but here at Rowleys, we have a few recommendations on what you should definitely make time to see:
Visit Fragrant Isle’s Lavender Farm & Shop (seriously, click on this link, the photo on the main page is gorgeous.)
Visit Stavkirke (Atlas Obscura approves)
Visit Schoolhouse Beach (Atlas Obscura approves)
Become part of the Bitters Club (Atlas Obscura approves. Are you convinced yet?)
And yes, you definitely need to visit Rock Island.

Bonus! On your way to the ferry you’ll be treated to one of northern Door County’s most recognizable features – the curvy road.

What Google Maps says the curvy road looks like.

What photographers much better than myself say the curvy road looks like, like this one from the Frykman Gallery.

Most road designers are all about efficiency. But one local legend had the foresight to design something unique, and we totally love it. Why does the curvy road curve? It’s all about working WITH nature, not against it.

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