Door County is taking social distancing seriously, with heartfelt messages that we love you and miss you can’t can’t wait to see you again!! …later.

Thank you to everyone still out there making the world go ’round.

This beautiful morning I went out for a drive, and it was as empty as I’ve seen without snow on the ground.

Not photoshopped. Legit empty roads in Sister Bay.

Restaurants and recreation facilities and boutiques and spa services and coffee shops and the library are all doing what they can, shutting down when they need to, offering contact-less services when they can. It’s all for you. It’s all to ensure that we will be a safe place to visit in the future.

My head says “go home and read the books you have” but my heart says “I miss you, library!!”

For now you’ll just have to tolerate my merciless showing off of the local landscape.

Landscape photos are funnier with story elements. Click each one to see it in its full glory.

And flowers. (Which you can buy too if you live here!)

Honor system shopping at Blossoms (in vases) and Jerry’s Flowers (still time to get Easter lilies!).

Today’s BINGO phrase is MOTORCOACH TOUR(S). If you have that on your bingo card, write 4/11 over the top of it to mark it off (or X if you’re following along with a digital card).

We at Rowleys Bay Resort LOVE hosting groups and tours. We were made for it. We handle everything from luggage in to luggage out. All your meals and lodging under one roof, custom room arrangements, and escort/driver comps. All this weirdness we have going on, we’re doing it for you.

We know some of our groups have had to postpone, and we’re SO grateful to you for doing just that. Postponing, not cancelling. We’re still booking groups into late season, have several weekends available, and are definitely booking for 2021. Give Jewel a call, get more info here.

Need a card? Getting close to a BINGO? If you get BINGO on your card you can send in a photo for a chance to win fun prizes! Get your card and the rules here.

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