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If you’ve ever been to Door County, or even if you’ve just heard about it at some point, you probably know we have a thing with cherries. Cherries everywhere! We put them in everything, we put them ON everything, and we even let you come snatch them right off the trees. In fact, we encourage it!

Cherry Picking Scene, Door County, Wisconsin. Photo hanging in Grandma’s Swedish Bakery. Click to enlarge and see the detail!

What does Grandma’s Swedish Bakery make that has cherries in it? Well there are:
Cherry Turnovers
Cherry Almond Granola Cookies
Cherry Nut Bars
Cherry Pie Bars
Take-and-Bake Cherry Pie
(Fresh cherry sauce on the breakfast buffet at Rowleys Bay Restaurant too!)
We can’t wait to open fully so more of these items are available for purchase and shipping. To get fresh frozen goodies and Skorpa shipped right to your door NOW, go here.

Get your education on cherry picking in Wisconsin and Door County:
The History of Cherry Picking in Door County – Destination Door County
Door County Cherry Picking – Wisconsin Cherry Growers

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