Published 3/12/20, updated 6/2/2020 1629

Thank you for being a part of keeping this area safe for the future of tourism! Rowleys Bay Resort is accepting guests! Please use our online reservation system to book or call the desk at 920-854-2385.

Please also note our lobby and resort are closed to visitors (ie, people just peeking around). Please call or email us us for information on having Grandma’s Swedish Bakery goodies shipped/pickup, or order online. We’re happy to help you get your pecan roll and skorpa fix! 920-854-2385 open 9-5 daily, or frontdesk

Reservations are now once again subject to our standard cancellation procedures. If you have any questions please feel free to call us, and we are 100% interested in working with you so you can still enjoy a vacation with us! If you have questions about a group that was scheduled, feel free to contact Jewel by calling 920-854-2385 and dialing extension 894 during the recording.



We at Rowleys Bay Resort know that you have put a lot of time and effort into planning your destination getaway! We know once those reservations are made the excitement starts immediately – looking forward to the fun is just as fun as enjoying the fun. We also know that life isn’t happening in a bubble, and there’s so much going on around us all the time.

Right now, much of the world is focused on the emergence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus (which causes the COVID-19 illness) and wondering how it will impact their future travel plans. At this time, we’re moving forward with our regularly scheduled plans to be fully open by Memorial Day weekend, with the knowledge those plans could be postponed temporarily. As it gets closer to date and you have questions about your reservation, feel free to ask!

Please know we are aware of and monitoring the development of this situation, and taking precautions to ensure guest safety and satisfaction. What does that mean specifically?

  • Each department has identified high-traffic areas they are responsible for, and will implement schedules for additional cleaning. Each department is also working with their staff to reinforce proper hand-washing and other sanitization techniques we already have in place.
  • Food-service departments will decide what service changes may be necessary for cleanliness and guest comfort.
  • Housekeeping will be setting up additional hand and surface sanitizer stations throughout the resort, and identifying high-traffic surfaces that need extra attention.
  • The front desk will continue to communicate our cancellation policies and work with guests who wish to book their trips closer to date. You can read our policies online and access our online booking engine to plan short-notice stays.
  • The front desk staff and website will have information regarding local clinics in case you have a health situation during your stay.
  • At this time, the pool and hot tub will remain closed to guests until we have a process in place that meets the Badger Bounce Back guidelines for occupancy and sanitization.
  • The restaurant will remain closed with a tentative opening date of July 1st.
  • Visit Grandma’s Swedish Bakery for information on bakery hours.
  • Please plan to bring and wear a mask when you visit. These are required for shopping at local businesses and picking up food.

What have we ALREADY been doing?

  • Twice per year, at the beginning of each summer season and mid-way through it, housekeeping does a thorough deep clean of each room. This takes place whether or not there is a special risk, and our deep cleaning season will be starting soon.
  • The cleaning chemicals used for surfaces are germicides, meaning they have active ingredients that kill biological contaminants (aka germs).
  • We provide stations for and mandate appropriate hand-washing protocols for all employees.

What can you do?

  • To avoid getting or spreading ALL types of communicable illnesses, be aware of your contact with high-traffic surfaces, such as your phone and steering wheel, doorknobs and light switches, payment counters and shopping cart handles, etc. Cover coughs, wash your hands, keep your hands away from your face, and clean up bio-spills appropriately.
  • In communal areas such as public bathrooms and pools, help be part of the solution! Follow directions for proper handwashing and showering before and entering the pool. Not only will you keep the area cleaner, you’ll help prevent disappointing closures.
  • Avoid touching surfaces you don’t need to touch, that someone else may be using, such as utensils and condiments, items at self-serve coffee stations, countertops and windows, etc.
  • This virus specifically spreads via respiratory droplets, aka coughs and sneezes. It is less likely transmitted through surface and general airborne contact.
  • As with any important topic, get your information from trusted, official sources (NOT social media or discussion groups), and consider what of what you are hearing is fact-based vs conjecture (opinion based on incomplete or wrong information).
  • Seven simple steps to protect yourself and others from COVID-19

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