Published 3/12/20, updated 05/31/22 1304

Timely news:

Thank you for being a part of keeping this area safe for the future of tourism! Rowleys Bay Resort is accepting guests! Please use our online reservation system to book or call the desk at 920-854-2385.

We know that each business is operating in a slightly different way and figuring it all out can be confusing and weird. Rowleys Bay Resort celebrated 50 years in 2020! As a family owned business that has evolved through the decades, we know that keeping our guests and employees safe and healthy is key to helping you make those amazing vacation memories.

What should you know about visiting Door County right now?

  • Some businesses still require masks for entry, and you’ll find they are very much socially accepted and encouraged.
  • Businesses, locals, and guests are diligently maintaining appropriate social distances and low occupancy in enclosed spaces. This may involve wait times for service or specific queueing locations.
  • Social expectations are that locals and guests will be wearing masks if they are unvaccinated, keeping their distance, and avoiding high-traffic areas. Thanks for participating in this as well!

What are we doing at the Resort?

  • As of the date above, masks are recommended but not required at Rowleys Bay Resort.
  • Please feel free to use all our beautiful outdoor space and the marina across the street to enjoy your small group experience. Please join us in being socially aware and maintaining appropriate group sizes and distances for everyone’s safety and comfort.
  • Our seasonal indoor pool is open to guests only. (Closed Nov-April.)
  • Rowleys Bay Restaurant is open to the public on weekends for breakfast buffet. Advance reservations are required.
  • Other meals at Rowleys Bay Restaurant are closed to the public and serving only private, master-billed, prearranged groups.
  • Rowley’s Pub has reopened for 2022 and is serving food and drinks nightly* at 4pm (*closed Sundays except special dates). Last call for food at 7:30.
  • Grandma’s Swedish Bakery is open for the season 7-3 daily* (*closed Wednesdays).
  • We’re still booking groups and events for 2022 and beyond! Give us a call, we’ll get you set up!

What can you do?

  • To avoid getting or spreading ALL types of communicable illnesses, be aware of your contact with high-traffic surfaces, such as your phone and steering wheel, doorknobs and light switches, payment counters and shopping cart handles, etc. Cover coughs, wash your hands, keep your hands away from your face, and clean up bio-spills appropriately.
  • In communal areas such as public bathrooms and pools, help be part of the solution! Follow directions for proper handwashing and showering before and entering the pool. Not only will you keep the area cleaner, you’ll help prevent disappointing closures.
  • Avoid touching surfaces you don’t need to touch, that someone else may be using, such as utensils and condiments, items at self-serve coffee stations, countertops and windows, etc.
  • This virus specifically spreads via respiratory droplets, aka coughs, sneezes, talking, shouting, and is most likely to be transmitted orally and nasally. It is less likely transmitted through surface and general airborne contact, and through contact with the eyes.
  • As with any important topic, get your information from trusted, official sources (NOT social media or discussion groups), and consider what of what you are hearing is fact-based vs conjecture (opinion based on incomplete or wrong information).
  • Seven simple steps to protect yourself and others from COVID-19

Official local websites with COVID-19 information:

Official national websites related to COVID-19:

Want to learn more about the facts of this and other illnesses?