In a year where many of us would normally be planning Christmas concerts and trips to see the Nutcracker, the loss of community art and theater events is starting to become particularly evident. ⁣

The good news is, not all is lost! While we may have to skip a Christmas season of ballet and orchestras, art shows and craft markets, a special grant from the State of Wisconsin is helping our local arts stay alive. ⁣

Sixteen organizations from Door County have been awarded the Covid-19 Cultural Organization Grant. ⁣

These funds, which went to a variety of organizations including those beyond the performing arts, will help these popular and important collectives plan for the future. ⁣

While it’s true they may not be strictly “necessary,” more so than simple food and shelter, culture is what has always defined our humanity. In a time where so many are grieving connection, these are the exact institutions that are still working so hard to bring us together. ⁣

Please join us all in congratulating these important community organizations, and more than that, please make a specific effort to support and promote any special events and fundraisers they’re hosting. ⁣

Your continued patronage will be key in ensuring that when we’re all once allowed to gather, there will be something around which to rally.