Friday, September 15th, 07:31 AM
Happy Friday!

Thanks to everyone who continues to send us support and well-wishes. Here are a few updates on our progress:

For guests:
We’ve completed processing or making contact with all guests who had reservations through the end of 2023. If you had a reservation with us through the end of this year, and have not yet received an email (check your spam) or phone call from us, please call us at 920-854-2385 M-F 9-3. We’ll take your info and confirm what we need from you. We’re still waiting for follow up information from many guests whose emails and phone numbers aren’t working, or who will require refunds via check. We’re working through 2024 reservations at this time.
Please only look for information on our Facebook page and website. Several news sources have reprinted paraphrased information from our site that is inaccurate.

The staff-managed GoFundMe for our employees who were displaced is still active, and within a day or two there will be a fund set up at Nicolet National Bank (Sister Bay branch) for those who wish to donate via check or cash. [Once it’s set up, ask about the Rowleys Bay Resort Employee Fund.]

While it will be a while before we can make plans for pecan rolls and reservations, we’re working on restocking our gift shop, so customers who want to continue supporting us can purchase shirts and sweatshirts, aprons, and other new items we’re picking out. Look for more information on that within the next month.

If you are driving past or taking pictures, please keep in mind that this site represents the total loss of belongings for many of our staff, and over 50 years of family history for the owners’ family. Share photos with discretion. Please also remember that like any disaster and construction site, there is scattered debris, sharp objects, and hazardous materials. Walk and drive with caution and do not cross posted barriers and property boundaries. There are no services or facilities at the resort.

Thanks again to everyone for your patience and support!