November 9th-13th, 2020 is Winter Awareness Week in Wisconsin.

While we’ve only seen a few flurries here in Door County, many other places in Wisconsin have had standing snow for weeks.

And, since it is 2020, after all, and 2020 has not so far been known to be a normal year, we want to make sure all our readers and guests are especially prepared for whatever this winter may bring.

Learn more about being prepared for winter weather in Wisconsin at

This includes:

  • what all the types of weather advisories mean, both for the weather and for your preparedness
  • keeping yourself safe from ambient and windchill temperatures
  • safeguarding your beloved pets from cold weather injuries and emergencies
  • winter driving reminders
  • supplies to keep in your car and your home
  • winter records and patterns (hint: Door Co is definitely hard hit!)

Just a few minutes of preparation is all it takes to stay safe and avoid hours of inconvenience and injury.

Be sure to plan ahead so we can be sure to see you here safely!