Over the past thirty days I’ve spent a lot of time on Instagram. Normally, there wouldn’t be anything remarkable about this – I’ve been posting daily for our super fun game of bingo – but the last month has been no normal month. While Door County is generally thought of as a destination, a place you have to physically visit in order to enjoy, the past few weeks have proven to me that we are a flexible lot, and if we are asked to bring Door County to you, we shall figure out how to deliver.

Your favorite shops and boutiques have ramped up their online shops, and nearly everything can be mailed. Restaurants with shippable items are shipping (coffee and pecan rolls, anyone?) and those who can’t are making car-side drop-offs a delight.

What about places like the gym? The trails? Rick, can you bring me a Segway? The Segway will still have to go on your later-this-summer bucket list, but the gym is not a stretch. (Well, actually it is a stretch. And burpees, I hear. Gross.)

Self-care covers such a wide variety of possibilities that if I just told you to go take care of yourself, that could be anything from giving yourself a pedicure to eating more vegetables to coloring me a picture of a Dala horse or cherries because it’s relaxing, unless you’re like me in which case you can make even picking out crayon colors stressful.

So are here three simple things to get you started:

Self-Care Tip #1: Get your blood moving with an online workout from your favorite Door County trainers
Going to the gym has gone from getting in the car to walking into whatever clear space you have in your home, be that the living room or the hallway. With the help of the magical Internet, yoga, weight lifting, barre, cycling, and Cross-Fit can all be done in your pajamas. (Although…maybe change for this.)

Door County Fitness Studio has screenshotable and simple workout plans, and follow-along fitness videos being posted regularly on their Instagram. Beware, this is the one who likes burpees.

The Sister Bay Athletic Club has at-home workout videos on YouTube that teach you about various body mechanics and will get you through the next month until you can visit them again in person for those trapeze yoga classes and lattes.

The Door County YMCA has made Kimberly’s personal favorite class, Les Mills Body Pump, along with others, available ONLINE. This is great for those of you who don’t want to guess which moves work which muscles and end up with weak spots. It’s a total body-system workout set to great music that you can do at ANY level of strength training.

Self-Care Tip #2: Go outside!
If you can, take the gym outside. Stretch, go for a walk, listen to the sounds of the park. Breathe in the fresh air, get the sun on your face and dirt on your hands. Staying at home doesn’t require staying indoors. Whenever and however possible, commune with nature. Next Wednesday is Earth Day and it’s no natural disaster keeping us at home, but it’s also no stretch that we need our Mother healthy now more than ever.

The health of Door County is important, and it’s a focus of Destination Door County (formerly Door County Visitor Bureau). Nature Preserves aren’t just hip parks where we don’t mow the lawn, they’re intricate and remarkable mini ecosystems that protect all sorts of species of plants and animals, and geological formations unique to the area. If you think rocks are boring, you haven’t seen rocks like this:

Make it a point to visit and support these neighboring preserves on your next trip up:
Mink River Estuary
Door County Land Trust
Plum and Pilot Islands
Newport State Park (Dark Sky International)
And more!

Self-Care Tip #3: Connect wherever you can
Humans are social creatures, despite what us introverts like to think, and the idea of not being able to enjoy so much as a meal or hug with our friends and family has many of us feeling down. Don’t use the lack of physical contact as an excuse to stay away. Whenever and however you can, connect with your friends and neighbors.

Can you safely take them groceries? Chat from across the street or lawn? Play chess via Zoom? Read them a story over the phone?

A big THANK YOU to the Door County Fire Chiefs Association and all the individuals and businesses who are reaching out to the community, proactively getting food, medication, home repairs, and other necessities of life squared away across the county. Whether you’re just tucking your neighbor’s mail onto their porch or sewing masks or running groceries or checking in daily, your help isn’t going unnoticed.

Tell us how you’re creatively reconnecting with your friends and helping your family and neighbors get through these strange, strange days.

Bonus Tip: Bring laughter into your life
The Holderness Family is my new favorite thing and their latest video about our new normal had me in tears.

PS – are you following someone else in Door County who is making your time in self-isolation a bit more tolerable? Give them a shout-out here!