Sunday, September 10th, 2023 9:21 AM

Thanks again to all the guests who have been patient with us as we work on setting up a new office space and issuing refunds. If you are a guest who is still waiting on a refund, please read this message:

When we started processing refunds on Friday night, we discovered our remote access reservation system and our credit card processor weren’t communicating properly. We know that when money is involved, the weekend is a long time to wait, so in order to start assisting customers as fast as possible we began issuing checks. 
Unfortunately, this is a much more tedious process, and we also noted that many people are able to and prefer to wait for a credit card refund. Here is a way you can help us manage this process and honor your request quickly.

If you have a confirmation email that includes your reservation number and mailing address, please forward it to [email protected] (note the two R in a row between rbr and reservations). When you forward it, please state if you are able/want to wait for a credit card refund, or wish to receive a check. Please also confirm the name and mailing address are accurate. 

Please note that if we are unable to process a credit card refund for any reason, we will issue a check, which is why that name and mailing address is so important. If you do not have the confirmation email and can send us the equivalent information, we can look up your reservation.

At the time that we process your reservation we will send you an update. We cannot guarantee a time frame on completing all refunds, other than our goal is to complete them within two weeks. 

Our current plan is to be available by phone 9 AM to 3 PM Monday through Friday. Starting tomorrow you can call us at our standard number 920-854-2385

Thank you again for all of your patience as we work through this! We’ll have more updates soon about the future of the resort and our hopeful plans for Grandma’s Swedish Bakery.