Friday, September 8th, 2023 5:10 PM

To Rowleys Bay Resort guests:

Thank you so much for your continued patience while we continue to work on getting set up and prepared to process your reservations. While we are still waiting for some utility set ups and some of our interim equipment will be delayed, we do have enough resources to begin processing refunds for guests.

We’ve currently made contact with guests who had reservations with us through September 21st. (This may include voicemails or emails, depending on what information we have for you.) Over the weekend we will begin processing refunds for guests who had reservations with us during the date of the fire, and we will work forward in time.

Starting on Monday, we will pick up where we left off contacting guests. By next week Wednesday, we plan to have additional resources available on our website that will allow guests to log their reservation details, and essentially skip the need for a phone call from us.

Guests still in need of new reservations should contact Destination Door County at 920-743-4456. DDC is graciously coordinating the offers and availability from other lodgers on our behalf and will help you find a new place to enjoy your Door County vacation.

Our priority is to ensure each transaction is handled accurately, so we are taking a little extra time to make sure we have adequate resources to handle this project. All future updates regarding guest communications will be posted directly on our website. Thank you again for your patience, and we know our partner lodgers and businesses will take excellent care of you during your upcoming stay!